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Mindfulness and Tango – An almost free event, Thurs 1st Oct
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Mindfulness and Tango – An almost free event, Thurs 1st Oct

Come join us for mindfulness and tango. When we offered the last Mindfulness and Tango free event we had 50 people register within the first three days and the class was full! So Adrienne and Andrew have kindly agreed to offer to teach for us again, in a much larger, and quite beautiful venue, with plenty of room for everyone.

Mindfulness is about being present, and most of us are present while doing something we love. Playing sport, singing, cycling, gardening, cooking, what ever it is that we love draws us to focus on it, and allows the chatter in our minds to drop away. The world does not change, but thoughts of worry, stress, insecurities, regrets and fears, all drop away in the face of us being present with what we love.

Argentine tango is a beautiful medium and metaphor for mindfulness in action.

When: Thursday 1st Oct
Time: 6.30-7.30pm
Where: Thebarton Community Centre, South Rd, Torrensville. Enter is via South Rd to the car parking area.
Cost: $10 pp online, OR $15 at the door

Even if you have 2 left feet, and no rhythm you can learn to tango… This is designed for men & women, old & young, fit & unfit, fat & thin, you can all learn to tango, you are all welcome.

Watching experienced dancers is a vision of poetry in motion. For all of us, Argentine tango provides an opportunity to simply develop our concentration and be present in our own bodies, to feel the slow pulse of the music, to feel one foot after another move on the floor, to settle in our hearts, to walk with another, to feel the rhythm of our own heart beat as we walk to it.

In tango we can learn the beauty and power in leading, and the beauty and surrender to follow. Just as in life where we step up to lead, soften to follow, back and forth, back and forth in leadership and followship, just like the tango of life, love, and leadership.


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