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Vulnerability and Strength: Retreat

Dancing the tango of leadership and followship

Format: 5-day residential retreat

Designed for: Leaders, managers and Health Professionals, who want to be mindful with others

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 39 Hours

Pre-Requisite: Suitable for developing to very experienced mindfulness practitioners

Certification: You can attend as a single retreat, or as part of the Master Practitioner Certification

Dates 2021: TBC

Nurturing sufficient moment-to-moment clarity, courage and conviction to cultivate visionary, wise leadership for our own lives, and for those we influence.

All people who are influencing others, are practicing leadership, regardless of their job title. 

Relating to other people is a living, breathing dynamic of leadership and followship.  The Leadership Tango.  There are moments when we are clear, confident and capable, and other moments when we are extremely vulnerable, sometimes self critical and self doubting.  In moments of clarity, we lead ourselves in our own lives. In moments of vulnerability, we can get wobbly.  Yet we need to be able to flow between leadership and followship regardless of our vulnerabilities.  

Mindfulness helps clear away the trivial and needless worries about unimportant things

Whether in professional practice, teams, organisations, friendship or parenting, and regardless of job title, all people who are influencing others are practicing leadership. For millennia, humans have had an intuitive sense of the need for virtue and wisdom, and especially in leadership.

As a leader, so much is expected of you.  Not only do you have the privilege of influencing others, but you can also feel exposed, alone and very vulnerable sometimes. Few things are more difficult, anxiety arousing and humiliating as a leader, practitioner, parent, or boss, than those moments where you just do not know what to do.  There is no rule book for life – let alone leadership.

As a leader, you want to maintain your vision, keep yourself steady and inspired, and continually use your discernment and wisdom to decide how to best act in a given situation. Mindfulness helps you stay steady and focused, allowing you access to deep, honest self-awareness and insight. It is one of the most powerful, albeit challenging, practices for developing wisdom in leadership.  Mindfulness is simple … just not easy!

Who is this for?

If you want to be a mindful and inspired leader, and you enjoy learning in an exciting, innovative and mindful way, you will enjoy this retreat. This is a fun approach to engaging in what it means to lead yourself in your own life, and in leadership roles, professional practice, in all your relationships.  We recommend this retreat for individuals who want to learn new skills, and also for teams to attend for a unique, refreshing team-building activity to help your organisation function effectively and flourish. No dance or tango skills required!

Why tango?

Argentine tango is used as both medium and metaphor for leadership and followship at this retreat to complement and consolidate our program of mindfulness meditation and leadership theory. Learn how to lead and how to follow – both in theory and in practice.

Moffat Head Dusk II
Moffat Beach, QLD, Vulnerability and Strength Retreat

During the course you will

• Clarify and support your life vision to maintain the right focus and balance in your  life, love and leadership.

• Practice meditations to deal with strong reactive emotions that arise when you feel vulnerable

• Learn mindfulness concepts that help you cultivate an abiding orientation in yourself (and your organisation), and your strengths,  toward wise action, wise leadership and great satisfaction

• Develop new ways of seeing challenges so you can be more than a great technician in your field, and instead  be adaptive, wise and influential, ultimately  helping your people and organisations flourish.

How does it work?

During this retreat you will be enriched with leadership theory each day building on from the next, share in reflection, group exercises, look at relationship dynamics, develop a deep understanding of how to manage vulnerabilities so that you are living in your strengths, develop individual leadership maps, participate in mindfulness meditation and moving meditation, building up to the basics of tango, learning how to skilfully and mindfully lead and follow.

What’s included?

Everything you need is taken care of including:
• 4 nights accommodation in a gorgeous apartment with your own room (at The Bluff Resort, Victor Harbor)
• All meals & refreshments – fresh and healthy
• Daily meditations and mindfulness exercises – walking, sitting, lying
• Learn movement meditations, leading to basic tango
• Leadership theory and exercises taught by Liana
• One-on-one mentoring session with Liana
• Individual reflection exercises
• Personal and professional development
• Journal

2020 Retreat Venue: The Bluff Resort, Victor Harbor SA

Fee (incl. GST)

Standard $3,495
Early bird $3,295 – register up to one month before course starts
Super early bird $2,995 – register up to two months before course starts

6 monthly payments: $708.20 per month (Total $4,249)

Getting there – Victor Harbor, SA

You have the choice of taking your own means of transport to the venue, or for those who wish to go together, we will meet at the Mindfulness Centre (4/10 King William Rd Wayville) on the Thursday afternoon around 1pm, and a bus will drive us there.

Presented by Liana Taylor, MPsych, Clinical Psychologist

Liana is a clinical psychologist, relationship therapist, leadership coach, and an international mindfulness teacher. She offers you some of the most forward thinking and in depth mindfulness training in the world. Liana started meditating with Transcendental meditation in 1980, in her teens, explored many different meditation techniques and spiritual traditions and came to understand the profound value of mindfulness meditation while healing herself in the mid 90’s.

Liana taught at Adelaide University and a Tibetan Buddhist centre, started 3 meditation communities (called sanghas) with Anna Markey. She has retreated with, taken teachings from, or trained with the creators of MBCT, MBSR and ACT, and world leading teachers of Insight Meditation. Liana is one of the leading teachers of traditional and applied mindfulness to professionals across Australia and has taught basic through to advanced mindfulness skills to thousands of professionals. Participants report that Liana’s teaching style makes traditional meditation – including mindfulness – accessible and comprehensible to westerners.

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Please note that retreats are run subject to enrolments meeting minimum numbers.

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