• International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification

Why was the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification created?

We saw many compassionate capable people with a desire to be skilful, to truly help, guide or lead others, and to facilitate change in a way they know is possible. But they did not always have the specific skills they needed to make this happen. Some people had not yet discovered mindfulness, others who were already practicing mindfulness did not always know how to apply mindfulness in a range of contexts, and others they did not know where to find inspiring CPD and the support they needed to reach that potential. Sometimes they were thinking to themselves...

"I wish I was more confident in what I am doing, and more alive and vibrant in myself...?"

It can be a disheartening process to go through. I have been there too. And I didn't want to see other well meaning, smart, capable people struggle with connecting the dots, or finding enjoyable and meaningful CPD with like minded people.

My mission is to help you feel mindful and inspired every day. We all have the ability to live and lead in a way that our hearts desire, and I'd love you to join me on this exciting journey.

- Liana

  Pyramid AIAM


Who is the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification for?

The International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification is for those people who know they are capable of giving and enjoying much more in life.

It is also for...
• People who want to feel fulfilled while helping others create change in their lives
• People who want to do what they love
• Health professionals who want to be the change they want to see
• Leaders and managers who want to lead with vision and clarity
• People who want to bring together all that they know to facilitate a kinder, wiser world
• People who want to develop mastery in applying mindfulness to their life and work
• And anyone who LOVES to continually learn and grow

About the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification

This is the first program in Australia to provide you with specialised training and international certification in applied mindfulness. While most people show interest in the full International Certification, this dynamic program offers you three levels of certification to suit your needs: Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and International Trainer.

The Applied Mindfulness International Certification is our core program, providing you with an engaging and enlightening way to become more mindful in your own life, in your practice working with and teaching your clients, and in your leadership.

Facilitating a layered approach, the levels of the certification are designed to support your learning and integration. At each level you build and deepen your experience and understanding of traditional mindfulness skills and philosophy, and you also broaden the contexts in which you can apply and teach mindfulness.

Informed by global research and practice in mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, clinical practice, functional medicine and leadership theory, the Applied Mindfulness International Certification is designed with study modules specific to you as a health professional, educator, leader or manager.

When you register for a certification program, you are automatically registered for the courses or retreats relevant to that level, plus bonuses to help ensure you have the best opportunity to develop your professional expertise. These include: reflective journals, master classes, mentoring, supervision, and study modules.

You can attend any course or retreat in any level in any order as all content is different. However in order to gain certification in any level you need to complete all courses/retreats and assessments in previous levels first i.e. in order to gain Level 2 certification, you need to complete all Level 1 courses and certification first. In order to gain Level 3 certification you need to need to complete all Level 1 and Level 2 courses, retreats and certifications first. Attending at least one of the Level 1or Level 2 courses or retreats is recommended to make Level 3 retreat easier.

Practitioner Certification: Level 1

Learn traditional mindfulness skills and concepts
You can learn traditional mindfulness skills, demystify meditation, and experience the profoundly transformative effect of mindfulness in the three courses of the Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification Program: MBCT - Mindfulness Essentials, Mindful Conversations, Mindful Leadership.

Master Practitioner Certification: Level 2

Deepen your practice and start teaching others.
If you want to use mindfulness skills with others, either one to one or teaching in groups, the In-Depth Mindfulness Retreat and Vulnerability & Strength Retreat of the Master Practitioner Certification program create the space and silence to go inward, and to go outward.

International Trainer Certification: Level 3

Adventure, mindfulness, teaching and leadership
If you are specialising in your field, potentially leading others, or training others to teach these skills, and you are up for an adventure and some challenge, you will enjoy the International Trainer Certification program.