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Mindfulness Essentials: MBCT


Format: On-Site 3-day intensive course

Designed for: Professionals, leaders and managers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 20 Hours

Pre-Requisite: Suitable for beginner to very experienced mindfulness practitioners

Certification: Attend as a stand alone course, or as part of the Practitioner Certification

Dates: TBC

Time: 10am-5pm (Adelaide)

Fee: $875 Standard | EB $815

NB: If SA goes into lockdown, Mindfulness Essentials will be delivered in a virtual format via Zoom. You can choose to attend the virtual event or reschedule for the next face to face event in Adelaide. We will notify you asap should this arise.

NB: this course is also available ONLINE Dates TBC

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Experience how mindfulness can transform your life.

Mindfulness enhances our creativity, decisiveness, energy and fulfilment.  

Our sense of inner peace and fulfilment is very much determined by our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and habits. Neuroscience shows us that subtle inner conflicts operate on a subconscious level and generate a background  of unease in the nervous system, otherwise known as stress! It is often not until the inner conflicts become louder and enter our awareness through anxiety, pain, distress, depression, panic attacks and illness, that we realise our current coping strategies that we are using habitually, are no longer working.

This practical Mindfulness Essentials: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT) course applies the latest neuroscience and the robust theory and practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and combines it with mindfulness meditation and Positive Psychology to help you realise your potential and learn self-acceptance.

Everyone would like to be calm and clear in them-selves. As a person in a position of influence, you want this for yourself, but may want to help others achieve the same.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced practitioner, this course will teach you what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.  Learn to be present, sharpen your focus, gain deeper self-awareness, and be kinder to yourself in day-to-day living, and see this transform your personal and professional life.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT) extends the state of the art Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy taught globally for managing stress, anxiety, depression, pain and ill health.  Recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK)  as a treatment of choice for depression, there is a rapidly growing body of research showing that mindfulness training is a prophylactic for stress, improves mood, working memory,  enhances the neuro-plasticity of the brain, and cultivates self compassion (The Advisory Journal for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Defence Force).

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT)  incorporates elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to aid conceptual understanding and equips you with more tools for yourself and those you work with.  This experiential course is highly practical and flows between mindfulness meditations, exercises, teaching and discussion. You will learn formal and informal mindfulness meditations giving you the skills to quieten the chatter of the mind, be more accepting and happy, and make wiser decisions.

Who is this for?

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT) is for you if you want to bring the heart and clarity of mindfulness to your life and work.  You may have just heard of mindfulness, are curious, and want to learn why this concept is popping up everywhere and see how it is relevant to you. You may want to embody the practice developing your own focus and inner peace, or bring calmness and clarity to your work and leadership, or teach and share mindfulness with your clients.  Complete beginners through to very experienced mindfulness practitioners report how rejuvenated they felt and how much they gained from the synthesis of neuroscience, the wisdom traditions, clinical practice and mindfulness meditations in this course, which changes forever how we see the workings of our own mind, and our own habits.

I’m usually 15 steps ahead, now there is less chatter, I recognise this moment is important, and I relax more – Participant

During the course you will:

• Learn why mindfulness has become so significant in health, education and leadership
• Experience what mindfulness is, and what it is not
• Experience a range of different mindfulness meditations
• Learn a range of mindfulness exercises for self awareness
• Learn what it means to be fully present in the here and now, how that alleviates stress, and how to achieve that
• See subtle aspects of  your own mind, including what you’re avoiding and thoughts/beliefs you habitually identify with
• Learn to be less judgmental, and more self-accepting and kind to yourself and others
• Discover how coming into the senses helps with depression, anxiety, pain, and unpleasant emotions
• Develop new ways to respond to unwanted thoughts and feelings, including judgments and criticism
• Learn what it takes to develop stability of mind and a peaceful heart

By the end of this course you will:

• Know what mindfulness is, and where and why you would use it
• Have a range of mindfulness tools to use for yourself and with others
• Understand how mindfulness cultivates self – compassion, openness, curiosity and empathy
• Feel rejuvenated with increased self-awareness, balance and confidence
• Be quipped with the tools that help you stay focused on what matters, directed and present, even when others are not
• Understand how practising mindfulness requires discipline and enables discipline
• Be more inclined to act rather than react under pressure
• Know how to use mindfulness to manage challenges
• Understand how mindfulness and kindness are synonymous, and what difference that makes
• Have tools to prevent overwhelm and burn-out
• Be able to generate more calm and peacefulness in your daily life
• Understand how cultivating mindfulness can transform lives

Presented by Liana Taylor, MPsych, Clinical Psychologist

Liana is a clinical psychologist, relationship therapist, leadership coach, and an international mindfulness teacher.  She offers some of the most forward thinking and in depth mindfulness training in the world.  She has been in private practice since 1991, and has taught basic through to advanced therapeutic, relationship and mindfulness skills to thousands of professionals across Australia.   Liana brings a wealth of experience and expertise, not only from clinical psychology, traditional and applied mindfulness, MBSR, MBCT, & ACT, but also as a qualified Couple Therapist, Narrative Family Therapist, Wilderness Adventure Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach. As one of the most experienced mindfulness clinical practitioners in Australia, in her trainings you have access to some of the most powerfully synthesised concepts and practices across neuroscience, the wisdom traditions, clinical practice and mindfulness meditation.

How does it work?

Just as we can read about a song, or a piece of music, but not truly know and understand it until we experience it with our own senses, so too with mindfulness training.   Experiencing mindfulness is the only way to learn mindfulness, and, like most skills, mindfulness improves with practice, which is why many participants return to deepen their knowledge. Mindfulness is all the buzz these days, however there is rich traditional wisdom and applied clinical understanding which cannot be learned without delving deeply into what it means to be mindful.


Three days, 10am-5pm
Light refreshments provided.
Lunch break is 45 mins, there are beautiful cafes nearby or feel free to bring your own lunch.

Course Numbers  are strictly limited to support rich interactive learning, with experiential exercises, cognitive maps, short meditations, and new perspectives on relationship dynamics.

In a small group, you will participate in a number of mindfulness meditation practices, exercises, discussions and CBT exercises, as well as being lead through these meditations/ exercises in exactly the same way that you would teach others.

You will also receive a workbook and meditation CD.

Fee  (incl. GST)

Standard $875
Early bird price $815 – register up to one month before course starts

Course Outline

Day 1 Module 1: Mindfulness Meets Neuroscience & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  Module 2: Mindfulness and Meditation
  Module 3: Mindfulness for Coming into the Senses
Day 2 Module 4: Mindfulness for Preventing Overwhelm & Staying Present
  Module 5: Mindfulness for Navigating Pain & Difficult Emotions
  Module 6: Mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Day 3 Module 7: Bringing it Together: Mindfulness of Breath, Sounds, Body, Emotions, & Mind
  Module 8: Cultivating Positive Attention & Vision
  Module 9: Understanding triggers, Developing a Wise Action Plan

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What people are saying about MBCT

“A fabulous smorgasbord of ideas about what it means to be a soulful human being in the twenty first century.  I greatly appreciated Liana’s organic connection of ideas, and their natural flow when seen as a complimentary cluster.  Experiencing Liana’s working method first-hand helped me to consolidate much of my own professional thinking” D.H. Adelaide

” I have been able to process the thoughts in my head and work out why sometimes I think things that may not be of value, whether that’s about how others perceive me or judging my own actions. My head feels clearer and I’m super grateful for that! - past partcipant

“I learnt the value of discipline, and that when I was kind and compassionate to myself it was easier to learn” - past participant

Please note that courses are run subject to enrolments meeting minimum numbers.

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