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Our courses, retreats and customised in-house training workshops are designed for those who want state-of-the-art tools that can create profound inner resources. Mindfulness tools cultivate greater self acceptance, clarity of mind and a sustained inner ability to counter depression, negative thought and behaviour patterns and stress.


Every once and a while we have the joy of meeting someone that is truly authentic, genuine and fully embodies the message that they teach… someone that radiates a presence that we are drawn to and that re-connects us with the radiant light inherent within all of us…. that someone is Liana! I first met Liana several years ago whilst taking the MBCT for Professionals course on the Sunshine Coast and at this time I had my first taste of her ability to help facilitate change and transform lives. More recently, I’ve had the honour of being enrolled in the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness and over the past few months have had many opportunities to get to know Liana better and experience the depth of her knowledge and wise leadership. So it won’t matter what course you choose to take with Liana, it will make a huge difference in your life. I wanted to gain more confidence in teaching Mindfulness and I had just enrolled in the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness training and all of a sudden teaching opportunities opened up and Liana generously shared her wisdom to assist me to reach my goals. Can’t say enough… in a nutshell, I am full of gratitude for Liana’s open-hearted nature and the opportunity to have her as a Teacher.” - Fiona Goodwin, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Wellness Facilitator & Mindfulness Teacher


Liana is great teacher and mentor. Her breadth of knowledge combined with her determination to overcome personal illness/experiences is inspiring! Not only do I have an understanding of how mindfulness will benefit my dealings with clients, but I am paying attention to what is happening in my mind, in my body and around each day and I have learnt to accept that the chatter in my head doesn't rule my life."- MBCT participant, 2016

If you really want to know you deeply, if you want a powerful tool to simply feel better, if you believe that you can be happier, then try and (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training) won't let you down.” - Valeria Bellan, Psychologist and PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology


I recently attended the Mindful Leadership Workshop with the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness and found the course to exceed my expectations in value on a personal and professional level. The workshop gave me a much deeper understanding of human nature and how understanding the unique attributes within individuals we can achieve greater outcomes in collaborating as a team by cultivating the strengths within each member. This is a must personal and professional development course for any leader, teacher, business owners and entrepreneurs. I loved the workshop, thank you so much Liana." - Theresa Fitzgerald, Author, Spiritual Coach and Teacher


The Mindful Relationships and the Mindful Leadership courses have sent me on both a professional and personal journey far beyond my expectations. I have had the opportunity to have my intellect stimulated with amazing course content; some familiar, much unfamiliar. Course content that has allowed for growth within my professional realm and developed my role as a leader within a national organisation as well as learning how to more mindfully focus on relationships and the different dynamics within them. I have already utilised many of the activities taught with my work colleagues and these have been most beneficial to our practice. What I have really enjoyed about these courses is that Liana has such a wonderfully engaging way of delivering her material. The courses are inclusive and interactive. Having the opportunity to discuss activities and share ideas and information with other participants is really illuminating and valuable. Liana balances the theoretical components well with strategies and activities that are ‘hands on’ and so very useful in both personal and professional life. I have relished the opportunities practice mindful activities, both indoor and outdoor, that were peppered throughout the two courses. I also thoroughly enjoyed the various opportunities to practice our meditations; a task which became much easier as the days progressed. Overall, I would highly recommend Liana’s courses as being extremely practical, useful, relevant and ones that encourage a desire to want to learn more. I really look forwards to attending the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training as my final course as part of the Level 1 Certification program." - Deb, Educator


Still believe your workshop last weekend ranks in the top 3 of workshops I have attended over the last 35 odd years. Great. Keep up the good work. Growing, learning and developing are never a burden to carry. On a concrete level.
1) Information presented in a clear and orderly fashion - plus handouts.
2) Information linked back to relevance in life (private/public/professional).
3) Allowed us to experience and reflect upon information in a non-judgmental way.
4) Personality testing presented as information/suggestion/guideline sources rather than strict rulebook or dogma about one's self.
5) Highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each test.
6) Venue - Geoff Pearce, course participant


(Mindfulness-Based Cognitive training) is a useful, practical and nurturing meditation workshop which gives you personal meditation skills, as well as insightful professional tips on using such skills with clients. Liana is welcoming, knowledgeable and experienced, and has a wonderful blend of psychological and meditational skills.” - Rachel, Psychologist


What I actually got from the course (Mindful Leadership) was far more than that. To be great mindful leaders, we first need to be mindful of ourselves, our personal qualities, strengths and our challenges. Commencing the discovery of who I am was both exciting and confronting, but I felt completely supported by Liana, Anna-Lisa and the whole group in such a safe and positive environment. Understanding the various personality types has helped me see how I fit in my leadership role with members of my family, my work colleagues and my clients. The guided meditations throughout the 3 days were all different and provoked differing responses. Having never meditated before I thoroughly enjoyed them." - Emily Archer, RN, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach


Excellent training (Mindful Relationships). I felt very privileged to have been involved and believe Liana to be a very skilled woman who has merged eastern and western methods for counselling and general health and wellbeing. Her style was realistic, pragmatic but beautifully intuitive as well." - Rowena James, Community Health social worker


We love working with...

• Professionals who offer therapy (eg psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, psychiatrists, counsellors)
• Professionals in other healing professions (eg physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, alternative health practitioners)
• Professionals in community health service (eg pastors, community centre and community outreach program workers)
• Service provider staff in health and mental health areas (e.g. drug and alcohol service staff, gambling and family violence hotline staff)
• Educators and teachers
• Other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, business
• Leaders, managers, CEO's
• Academics, researchers and policy makers in health and mental health fields
• Those in professions predisposed to compassion fatigue
• Professionals in health and mental health work wanting rejuvenation.


Who we have worked with...

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For the last decade we have brought customised in-house mindfulness training into the community, workplaces and businesses. If you or your organisation is interested in mindfulness training please call us to enquire.