Comprehensive Applied Mindfulness training and certification for health professionals.
For contemporary life and practice.

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On-Site and Online Courses

Connect with like minded professionals in interactive on-site and online courses. Join us from anywhere across the globe.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.  Mindfulness training allows us to develop calmness, clarity of mind, and optimism. During the courses you can enjoy peer discussion and learning in a small, interactive group.

Designed for those who want to learn sophisticated, applied skills live, and integrate week by week.

CPD available for all on-site and online training courses.




Bring your mind home with Mindfulness Retreats

Attend a 5-day or 10-day mindfulness retreat to learn how to focus the attention, calm the mind, and feel rejuvenated.

Mindfulness offers a powerful form of insight not available through cognitive reflection and self-analysis, and helps to develop calmness, clarity and optimism.

Designed for those who want sophisticated, evidence-based mindfulness skills for being less reactive, more in charge, and more happy - for themselves and those they work with.

CPD available for all retreats.



Mindfulness Practitioner Certification For Professionals 

Become certified as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness in our core, three tier program.

Presenting both traditional mindfulness and modern applications, synthesised with neuroscience and positive psychology for contemporary life. This dynamic program offers you three levels of certification to suit your needs.

Join us for this exciting and enlightening way to become more mindful in your own life, in your practice with your clients, and in your leadership.

CPD available for training and supervision.


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About The AIAM

The Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness is the leading provider of applied mindfulness training in Australia - since 2006.  We offer on-site seminars, courses and retreats in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally, as well as regular online programs.

We teach traditional and applied mindfulness -informed by neuroscience and positive psychology- for professionals in contemporary life. Trainings focus on the importance of cultivating a mindful practice, compassion and wisdom.

Mindfulness is relevant to all aspects of daily life, and we believe mindfulness training is not only suitable, but important, for everyone, and particularly people in positions of influence: health professionals, educators, and leaders who want to use these skills for themselves, and with those they teach, guide or work with.

    Comprehensive Applied Mindfulness training and certification for professionals.
    For contemporary life and practice