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Mindfulness in Action: Adventure Retreat


Format: 10-day intensive retreat set in breathtaking New Zealand scenery

Designed for: Professionals and managers who want to lead and/or train with calmness and clarity

CPD: 90 hours

Includes: 3 days silent, traditional teacher-led mindfulness, 4 days cycling or walking, 2 days sightseeing

Pre-Requisite: Some experience with mindfulness or leadership is an advantage.

Certification: You can attend as a single retreat, or as part of the International Trainer Certification

Dates 2021: New Zealand TBC

Fee:  $5,595  /  Early Bird $4,995  / Super EB $4,495

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Experience Mindfulness in Action

Nurture your moment-to-moment clarity, courage and conviction, sufficient to cultivate adventurous, visionary, wise leadership.

Mindfulness cultivates your ability to adapt gracefully to all life’s adventures and challenges. By developing deep and honest self-awareness and greater internal and external clarity, you build skills to accurately decipher what you think and feel, and how to find positive ways forward in your own life, and leadership practice.

This retreat is for those wanting to learn, deepen and extend mindfulness, combining traditional mindfulness training, daily mindfulness practice and teaching, and cycling. Suitable for both experienced and inexperienced cyclists, with options to walk or ride the bus and for enthusiastic cyclists to take extended rides.

Leadership is the transference of hope

Leadership is the transference of hope, the intent to influence and the invitation to greatness in ourselves and in others. Leaders of all occupations train in mindfulness meditation for an assortment of reasons, mostly to stay calmer and more focused in their leadership, without losing the “edge” that makes them successful.

Leadership requires a bigger vision and requires us to recognise that others are depending on us, expectant,  projecting and hanging out their hopes and fears. The pursuit of mindful leadership helps you clarify what is important to you, and achieve a deeper understanding of the world around you. Mindfulness helps you clear away trivial and needless worries about unimportant things, nurture passion for your work and compassion for others, and develop the ability to empower the people in your organisation.

Deep self-knowledge enables you to be honest. Mindfulness cultivates your ability to access your innate wisdom and leadership qualities at will, by providing access to deep and honest self-awareness and insight. People trust – and follow – those who are real, consistent, and whose behaviour, values and beliefs are aligned.

We trust people we do not constantly have to second guess.

Click here to see what Harvard Business Review says about leadership and mindfulness.

What is the Mindfulness in Action Retreat?

This 10-day retreat is a chance to develop, deepen and extend your experience and understanding of mindfulness outside of Australia. Offering additional advanced exercises, International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification participants build on the skills and conceptual understandings developed in the Master Practitioner and Practitioner levels.  The teaching is informed by global research and practice in neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, clinical practice, functional medicine, leadership theory and  wilderness adventure therapy.

During this retreat you will support your learning and integration of mindfulness in action. Enjoy combining your mindfulness, relationship and leadership skills as you engage in some adventure, team work, and silent meditation..

Enrich, integrate and become fluid with traditional mindfulness concepts, and applied mindfulness skills, and with the opportunity to teach, manage challenges, communicate in complex situations, lead people and build community.

Who is this for?

Designed for health professionals, managers and leaders who want to cultivate emotional intelligence and bring mindful awareness and joy to the core tendencies, natural sensibilities and strengths of those we come into contact with. It is suitable for both complete beginners, and practiced meditators, who will explore new ways of highlighting our gifts and bring acceptance rather than blame to our internal struggles. There are no pre-requisites for this retreat, other than a willingness to challenge and extend yourself, personally and as a leader.

You can attend this retreat as a stand-alone retreat, or as a component of the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification, with extension exercises to develop mindful leadership, and teaching skills.

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During this course you will

Engage in traditional mindfulness training, optional guided cycling, walking, and mindful leadership development.

Be rejuvenated and refreshed in the stunning New Zealand landscape, spanning the glacial-fed surreal turquoise waters of the lakes and canals of the unique Southern Alps, the majestic snow capped peaks of Aorki/Mt Cook, down to the charming town of Dunedin .

Research in neuro-imaging shows that mindfulness training is associated with changes in grey matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking.

How does it work?

You will engage in 2 full days of silent retreat with teacher-led meditations, 5 days cycling along the fairly flat glacial lakes and canals, sight-seeing, mindfulness exercises and relaxation time. You have the opportunity to integrate formal meditations practices with informal daily mindfulness activities, alone and in relations to others, as well as be immersed in situations where you get the opportunity to develop your teaching practice.

The optional cycling has easy gradients suited to all levels of riders, with options to walk, ride the bus, or for enthusiastic cyclists to take extended rides.

The Details

  • Dates: Saturday 28 November to Monday 7 December 2020
  • Pick up: 4pm Christchurch CBD/airport
  • Drop off: 2pm Christchurch CBD/airport
  • Every day includes: meditation, class, reflection
  • Days in traditional, teacher led silent meditation: 3
  • Days including teacher development and sightseeing: 3
  • Days including mindfulness, leadership, walking, optional cycling: 5
  • Fitness: easy, optional cycling,  with advanced options, walking option
  • Support: Full vehicle support
  • Included: Training, Twin share Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, 5 dinners
  • Excluded: Airfares, bike hire, snacks, 4 dinners, optional extras like hot tubs, sightseeing fees, espresso, alcohol, e-bikes

The Retreat in brief: 

Retreat Focus: is developing solid mindfulness skills, and developing mindful leadership skills

Every day: includes meditation, class and reflection time

Each day: teaching is developed throughout silent meditation, walking, sightseeing, teacher and leadership development in dedicated class time

Overview of Program

Day     10-Day Retreat
1 Driving from Christchurch to the fascinating Dunedin
2 Teacher led Meditation, leadership Development, coast walks, penguins, Dunedin
3 Teacher led Meditation, leadership Development, sightseeing,  Dunedin
4 Sightseeing, teacher development,  Lake Tekapo
5 Teacher led silent meditation, walking or cycling,  Lake Tekapo
6 Teacher led silent meditation, walking or cycling, canals Lake Tekapo
7 Walking round base of Mt Cook, see glaciers, with leadership development staying beside Lake Pukaki, near Mt Cook
8 Silent Meditation in morning, Lake Pukaki, near Mt Cook
9  Teaching practice, Lake Pukaki, near Mt Cook
10 Early morning optional walk, meditate, peaceful drive to Christchurch
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  • Pick up from Christchurch CBD or airport
  • 9 nights twin share accommodation
  • All breakfasts and lunches, 5 dinners, fruit, water
  • Cycle repair support, drink bottles
  • Instruction, workbook


  • Airfares to/from Christchurch
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • 4 Restaurant Dinners, snacks
  • cycle $150 and ebike $350 hire if needed
  • Drinks: alcohol, espresso, soft drinks, juice etc


  • $5,595     Standard
  • $4,995     Early Bird – up to 2 months before
  • $4,495     Super EB  – up to 3 months before
  • $6,894        6 monthly payments of $1,149

You can attend this retreat alone, or as part of the Full International Trainer Certification Program: $12,995. For more details click here.



Where does this retreat fit in the Applied Mindfulness Certifications?

The retreat is the capstone retreats in Level 3 of the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification.  The focus is on both a deep engagement with formal and informal meditation practices, insight, leading, teaching, and  different aspects of applied mindfulness.  Cultivating clarity, courage, conviction and wisdom.  While this is our capstone retreat, you can attend at any time- however, previous experience with mindfulness and or leadership would be advised.

What does the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification involve?

It involves 3 levels of training:

Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification – 1st level program:

  • Mindful Conversations Course- 3-day intensive
  • MBCT – Mindfulness Essentials Course – 3-day intensive
  • Mindful Leadership Course – 3-day intensive
  • Assessment – take home

Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification – 2nd level program:

  • In-Depth Mindfulness Retreat – 5-day residential
  • Vulnerability & Strength Retreat – 5-day residential
  • Teacher Training Masterclass – 6-month online
  • Assessment – take home

International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification – 3rd level program:

  • Mindfulness in Action Retreat – 10-day retreat in South Island New Zealand
  • Wisdom in Leadership Masterclass – 6-month online
  • Assessment – take home

NB: Retreats are run subject to enrolments meeting minimum numbers.

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