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A Mindful Wedding Proposal…
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A Mindful Wedding Proposal…

Tom Rodger brought a whole new level of meaning to mindfulness meditation when he proposed to Anna-Lisa Talbot during a meditation on a Greek island recently. Anna-Lisa is our office coordinator, and a provisional psychologist. She has spent the last 2 and a half years learning all about mindfulness. Having led Tom through many meditations, they had started leading each other through visionary meditations to prepare, envision the journey, focus on what really matters and dream about their amazing holiday. Footballer and Property valuer Tom, had planned a secret in advance. He asked her to close her eyes and he led her through an inspirational meditation imagining the stunning scene they were in fact now in, and then imagination gave way to reality as he, down on one knee proposed to her.

We send them our heartiest congratulations.

Anna-Lisa has described learning mindfulness meditation, and especially the Mindful Conversations course, as life changing. So much so, she is now writing her Masters thesis on the impact of mindfulness in relationships.

Anna-Lisa Talbot and Tom Rodger, Santo Winery, Santorini, Greece, July 2016

Research on mindfulness and relationships

Substantial research indicates that interpersonal processes play a major role in chronic stress and depression. Mindfulness practice can create profound changes in relationships with others. Research suggests that Mindfulness in relationships leads to greater capacities to respond constructively to relationship stress, and greater: relationship happiness, autonomy, acceptance, friendliness, interest, self control, capacity to listen, cultivation of character strengths, ease in parenting, positive neuro-plastic changes, team performance, and leadership effectiveness.

Barnes & Brown (2007), Bihari & Mullan (2014), Finkel & Campbell, (2001), Holzel et al. (2011), Jazaieri et al. (2012), Niemiec, Rashid & Spinella (2012). You can read Anna-Lisa’s research in due course.


Mindful Conversations Course

– coming to Adelaide Oct 6-8th, 2016
The Mindful Conversations 3 day course is the one that professionals think they will get the least out of, and report getting the most out of personally and professionally. It gives you tools to use immediately, to make significant changes in relationships at work, with your kids, partners, parent and friends. The conceptual models bring together mindfulness and positive psychology in a enlightening way.

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