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This web-based Mentoring/Supervision course is designed to help you integrate the meditations, exercises and philosophy of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy into your life and professional practice on a day-to-day basis. The focus is on skills development and conceptual understanding with clear reference to clinical applications. Designed to be a supportive learning context with like-minded peers, you can join this advanced training at anytime. The 90-minute webinars are offered monthly over a six-month repeating cycle.


Who is this for?

This course is designed for psychologists and other health professionals, who have attended our mindfulness training courses and retreats, notably the MBCT, and want to integrate their skills, further their learning and connect with like-minded colleagues


By Application only

This course is by invitation only so that we may support a mindful learning context.


What you will learn?

Over the course you will fine-tune your understanding of the various elements of the MBCT. This ongoing program is intended to:

• Support your personal practice
• Help you integrate and invigorate your therapeutic mindfulness skills
• Explore both basic to complex questions/concerns re clinical applications
• Help you prevent burnout
• Support you to be passionate, present and wise at work and home.

More experienced attendees will bring fresh perspective to the theory and practices they know, and develop more subtle skills and awareness regarding the kinds of questions, concerns and confusions their clients will have.


How does it work?

The monthly webinars run over a 6-month cycle following the content of the MBCT course. Before each webinar participants will be able to forward specific questions/concerns to be addressed. Before each session you will be asked to forward any questions you have in relation to the topic, and the responses will be discussed on the webinar.

In each webinar you will be presented with theory, relevant case studies, exercises and answers to the questions you forwarded, to enhance your learning of the particular MBCT-Plus topic for that month.

You can join the programme in any month of the cycle. Each time the cycle runs participants will learn different aspects to deepen and extend their understanding of the theory and practices . Many attendees will find this course motivating for them to sustain a regular formal and informal practice. As with all mindfulness-based approaches, the focus at first is on your own learning, and then on the application of what you know with other people. Between the monthly webinars you will be encouraged to buddy up with a partner for peer supervision sessions either face to face or by Skype. You will be given supportive practice assignments to complete together giving you the opportunity to develop rich ongoing supportive peer relationships.

Some people will be ready to implement aspects of these assignments with their clients.

Taught by MBCT specialist and Clinical Psych Liana Taylor there will be occasional guest teachers including mindful parenting expert and mental health social worker Fiona glover, clinical psychologist, family health specialist and creator of Kindness to Kids program, Dr Rebecca Coleman, former Vipassana monk of the Forest tradition, author of adolescent mindfulness programs and clinical psychologist Malcolm Huxter.

We believe you will enjoy learning in a rich, informed, interactive context that simultaneously gives you personal development and sustenance, and professional development and support.


Month 1
Introduction to Mindfulness
Raison Exercise
Daily meditation practice
Inner Outer
Being Present in the senses


Month 2
Body Scan
Mindfulness of sound
Investigative Dialogue
Staying Present even with distractions


Month 3
Sitting Meditation
Acceptance of thoughts vs. analysis
Discernment vs. judgment
Mindful movement
Mindfulness of Breath


Month 4
Mindfulness Meditation
Working with physical and emotional pain/discomfort
Moving into pain/discomfort
Loving Kindness meditation
Allowing and letting be


Month 5
3 minute Breathing space
Mindfulness of Thoughts and moods
Pleasant/Unpleasant events
Managing Moods


Month 6
3 minute Breathing space for challenging moments
Relapse prevention
Strengths and values
Wise Action plan

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