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A Loving Kindness Meditation for you…
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A Loving Kindness Meditation for you…

We all know that love expands us, connects us, sweetens us, ennobles us. It springs up in tender concern, expanding our capacity to reduce suffering and offer peace and happiness. Love makes beauty out of all we touch, increasing our forbearance and capacity to be patient and embrace difficulties and pain.

Research studies
In addition to our subjective knowing about the benefits of love, there is an ever increasing body of research into the benefits of Loving Kindness meditation.

Stanford University research showed that even a small dose of loving-kindness meditation increased feelings of social connection and positivity towards strangers, both conscious and unconscious. Duke University research showed significant improvements in pain, psychological distress, and anger in people with chronic pain. Across the globe researchers are discovering reductions of inflammation, pain levels, distress, and, increases to positive feelings, mind/body awareness and interpersonal relating arising from the practice of loving kindness meditation.

Within the Eastern traditions
All concentrative and mindfulness meditation practices are built upon the foundation of loving kindness, reminding us moment to moment to step beyond our reactive self and embrace each other as beloved unique parts of a whole.

Concentrative meditation practices cultivate serenity and compassion, mindfulness practices cultivate insight and wisdom, and loving-kindness practices cultivate our wish that we may all enjoy happiness.

The practice of loving kindness meditation
The practice starts by focusing our meditation on a specific person or animal for whom we have an easy affection. We then extend the scope of our concern further and further, to ourselves and to others, one person at a time initially, until we eventually encompass and embrace all sentient beings.

I hope you enjoy this 12 minute Loving Kindness meditation and practice it often to calm yourself, feel filled with love warmth and generosity, and to share that to those around you.

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