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The International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification is designed for people who are specialising in their field and potentially leading others and/or training other people to teach mindfulness skills.  This certification gives you first hand experience of mindfulness in action and comprises all the elements of Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification.    

In Level 1, you learn what classical and contemporary mindfulness is, and is not, and how it relates to all other types of meditation. Through attending three, 20 hour courses you explore what mindfulness adds to existing psychological tools and approaches, and learn how mindfulness can calm overwhelm and overthinking, manage emotions and life's inevitable challenges.  As people learn to understand and manage their own emotions and those of others, they can transform their relationship with themselves and their communication with others- even under stress. Courses can be completed on-site, online or a combination of the two and in any order.

In Level 2, you build on the skills and conceptual understandings developed at Level 1, further deepening your understanding of mindfulness. You attend two retreats, and an online masterclass.

Attending silent teacher-led retreats is a central part of offering mindfulness to others.  It is also an ongoing source of professional and personal nourishment and inquiry for mindfulness practitioners and teachers. This immersion in the practice makes it possible to engage skilfully with the kinds of dilemmas and questions that arise in people's practice. Participants are present to the workings of their own mind for extended periods of time in active mindfulness training. During this you observe how to teach mindfulness, what can happen for our clients when practising mindfulness, what the contraindications are, how to manage clients if they have a panic attack or trigger PTSD, depression etc, during mindfulness training.  You also develop your own personal qualities of acceptance, patience, trust, non-striving, letting be, insight and stability of mind.

Retreat conditions consequently teach you how to quieten the inner chatter that fuels many mental health, behavioural and interpersonal problems.  The Teacher Training 6 month online masterclass and mentoring, exclusive to Masters students, is designed to develop your teaching and programming skills.  The assessment includes a reflective journal, research module, creation of your own audio recordings and class programs.

In Level 3, you integrate the skills and conceptual understandings developed at Levels 1 and 2, and extend your understanding of mindfulness in real life situations.  You attend a 10 day overseas retreat and an online masterclass.

The 10 day Mindfulness in Action: Adventure Retreat includes some days of silent teacher-led meditation, some days of leadership practice in the context of your peers actively engaged in group adventure activities, and some days of formal teaching practice where you teach the whole group, as well as informal teaching practice where you make use of live situations as teaching moments with yourself and peers. 

Most people at this level are engaging regularly in a regular personal mindfulness meditation practice in a sustained way, and have been for over a year or more.  This is a deeply rewarding and challenging intensive retreat designed to evoke all of your mindfulness skills at many professional and personal layers. 

NB. Most mindfulness approaches are drawn from the Insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition, retreats of which are widely available in Australia. Even though you may have completed retreats in these or other contemplative traditions, we ask you to complete the AIAM silent teacher-led retreats which have an expert focus on developing your teaching skills and understanding of applications in clinical and leadership context.  

Level 1, 72 hours includes:

Level 2, 108 hours includes:

Level 3, 120 hours includes:

  •     • Mindfulness in Action: Adventure Retreat - 90 hours CPD
  •     • Wisdom in Leadership Masterclass - 6 months online - 15 hours CPD - exclusive to International Trainer Students
  •     • Assessment- take home - 15 hours CPD

Which certification is right for me?

While most of our students have shown interest in the International Trainer certification, it is important that you find the right level of the program for you. This level of certification is not necessarily for everyone, depending on your goals. Completing Level 1 gives you Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification, and completion of  Level 1 & 2 gives you Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification which may meet your needs!    Please call us if you are not sure.

Be the change you want to see - Ghandi

Pathway and pre-requisites

All courses and retreats include mindfulness practice and theory.  Each offers unique content.  For this reason each of the Level 1 and 2 courses and retreats can be completed in any order to suit your personal and professional development needs.  However, we recommend completion of at least one course or retreat before attending the Capstone Retreat Mindfulness in Action:Adventure Retreat.   

To gain International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification, you will need to have attended all Level 1 and 2 courses and retreats, and successfully completed all assessment requirements.

A professional, management and/or leadership background and personal qualities of integrity, vitality, compassion and wisdom provide good grounding for retreats, and all of the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness programs.

Fee (incl. GST):

  •     • $12,995 Special upfront fee, or
  •     • $1207 per month (Total $14,484) on our 12 month payment plan

This fee covers:

  •     • Attendance at the three Level 1 courses (Mindfulness Essentials: MBCT, Mindful Conversations and Mindful Leadership)
  •     • Attendance at the two Level 2 retreats (In-Depth Mindfulness Retreat and Vulnerability & Strength Mindfulness Retreat), including food and share accommodation
  •     • Attendance at the Level 3 overseas retreat (Capstone Retreat: Mindfulness in Action), including share accommodation and most meals
  •     • Attendance at both 6 month online Masterclasses
  •     • Cost of the assessing and Certification process


  •     • Airfares and other transportation to and from the courses/retreats and extra costs e.g. restaurant meals, equipment hire, etc are excluded.  See specific retreat page for details.

Awarding International Trainer Certification
You are awarded your Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification upon satisfactory completion of all elements of the training and assessment. 
• Assessment criteria have been formulated with reference to the Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI TAC).
• Assessment is based on emerging competencies, rather than a set amount of attendance, teaching or practice.
• Competence is dependant on various factors including levels of experience of mindfulness meditation and retreats, familiarity with movement practice, awareness of self and participation in class, as well as entry level teaching and clinical skills
• Different trainees may require further ongoing practice, retreat or teaching work before they become confident in their role and in the skills, knowledge and wisdom involved in teaching and training.
• You will be advised if there are any steps of the Certification that you have to complete before submitting your Certification materials.

2021 Mindfulness in Action:Adventure Retreat

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