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CPD for Osteopaths


This summary outlines CPD activities that allow the requirements of the Osteopathy Board of Australia to be met. The standards discussed are in accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act.

CPD Cycle

The CPD cycle runs for 12-months, from the 1st of December to the 30th of November every year. By the end of the cycle all registered Osteopaths are required to sign a declaration of compliance with the CPD registration standard.

CPD Requirements

All registered practitioners must complete a minimum of 25 hours of CPD per year. Of these 25 hours:

1. A minimum of 4 hours must be obtained from an activity that is related mandatory topics.
2. The individual determines how the remaining hours are allocated.

Additional Considerations
In addition to the 25 hours of CPD a current first aid certificate at the minimum standard of a Senior First Aid (level 2) is also required.

CPD Activities

All CPD activities should be relevant to professional work as an Osteopath. The CPD scheme for osteopaths is flexible. The responsibility to choose CPD activities that are beneficial lies with the practitioner. All Osteopaths should use their professional judgement when deciding what is appropriate for their needs. For example areas of weakness in professional work could be addressed, existing skills could be enhanced or career interests pursued.

The CPD scheme allows flexibility to choose from a wide range of CPD activities, but it is important that these are suitable to the practitioners needs. When claiming CPD activities the following points should be considered:

• The number of hours claimed for a particular activity should be reasonable and not exaggerated.
• The level of a CPD activity should consolidate or enhance existing knowledge and skills.
• The proportion and range of CPD activities should be balanced and predominately reflect activities that focus on osteopathy.

CPD Documentation

All Osteopaths are required to provide evidence that they have met their annual CPD requirements. Records should include an annual declaration of compliance and the maintenance of a CPD Record Folder.

All activities in the Record Folder should fully describe the:

1. Type of activity.
2. Subject/topic of the activity.
3. Purpose and number of hours spent on the activity.

Practitioners are also able to use their own methods for recording CPD activities. Osteopaths who exceed the minimum requirement of hours for CPD are not required to provide additional documentation, as the Board only requires evidence that the minimum requirements have been met.

For more information about these CPD guidelines click here.
Date of Issue: 1st July 2010
Last reviewed: 1st December 2015
These guidelines will be reviewed every 3 years.