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CPD for Teachers


This summary outlines CPD activities that allow the requirements of the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia to be met. The standards discussed are in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

CPD Cycle

The CPD Cycle runs in accordance with a teacher’s registration period. A teacher’s registration lasts for three years. It ends on the 31 January of the third year following the last registration or renewal.

CPD Requirements

All practicing teachers in South Australia who hold a (full) Registration or Provisional Registration must complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD per three years.

CPD Activities

CPD is divided into five categories:

1. Research . Examples include:
• Professional reading/listening/viewing.
• Teaching and learning research, action research.

2. Online Learning. Examples include:
• Podcasts.
• E-learning.
• Multimedia, intranet-based.

3. Communities of Practice. Examples include:
• Education Unions.
• Professional associations.

4. Study/Training. Examples include:
• Post–graduate study.
• Mandated training.
• Fellowships and scholarships.

5. Fact-to-face. Examples include:
• Conferences, seminars, workshops.

Activities that cannot be counted as CPD hours
• Undertaking teaching duties that are a core part of your teaching role such as preparation, planning, programming, assessment or reporting.

CPD Documentation

A summary record of professional learning must be kept to verify participation. Professional learning can be recorded and tracked online at the Teachers’ Portal website or a Professional Learning Summary Record template can be completed here. Alternatively, teachers can complete their own summary record.

When recording information the following is required:

• Year and date of the professional learning within the term of registration.
• A description or titles of the professional learning.
• The number of hours spent on the activity.
• Documentation of evidence of completion. Including certifications of participation, diaries or reflective journals, transcripts, research portfolios/materials. Each piece of evidence retained should be dated and signed by the teacher.
• A description of how the professional learning meets the Australian Professional Standard for Teachers.
• Notes/annotations/explanations that describe how the goals and outcomes of professional learning undertaken are connected to the Standards
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