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CPD for Counsellors & Psychotherapists


All practicing Counsellors and Psychotherapists are required to complete 40 points of CPD annually to meet the requirements of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

CPD Cycle

The CPD Cycle runs annually, from the 1st July – 30th June.

CPD Requirements

One hour of CPD = 1 point. Of these 40 points:

1. A minimum of 30 points needs to be attained from Category A (Person-to-person activities and/or online facilitated courses). Including a minimum of 10 points attained from person-to-person activities.

2. A maximum of 10 points can be attained from Category B (Facilitated learning groups, presentations, teaching, research and/or supervision).

3. A maximum allowance of 5 points can be attained from Category C (Committee involvement, self-directed learning and/or online non-facilitated courses).

Additional Considerations
• The total requirement of 40 points can be attained entirely from activities within Category A.
• For Mental Health Practitioners it is recommended that 10 points of their CPD must relate specifically to mental health practice. This 10 points of CPD may involve activities from Category A, B or C.
• For Accredited Supervisors it is recommended that 10 points of their CPD relate specifically to supervision. These 10 points of CPD may involve activities from Category A, B or C.

CPD Activities - three categories:

Category A. Examples include:
• Person-to-person courses workshops, seminars and conferences.
• Participation in online facilitated courses.

Category B. Examples include:
• Participation in facilitated learning groups.
• Imparting knowledge relating to counseling and psychotherapy through formal presentations, teaching, research and publications.
• Supervision participation above the annual renewal requirement.

Category C. Examples include:
• Contributing to the counselling and psychotherapy profession through involvement in the PACFA Board and committees or PACFA MA committees that supports the development of the professional identity of counselling and psychotherapy in the wider community.
• Self directed learning, logged in a reflective journal, including reading and taking notes of psychotherapy and counselling journals and books.
• Participation in online non-facilitated courses.
Activities that cannot be counted as CPD hours
CPD relating to other fields of practice besides counselling and psychotherapy are not accepted.

CPD activities must be directly relevant to ongoing clinical practice. For example training in mindfulness or meditation is accepted only where the training is directly applicable to the therapeutic use of these skills in the context of counselling and psychotherapy practice. Ongoing practice attendance in mindfulness or meditation is not accepted.

CPD Documentation

A Professional Portfolio needs to be maintained for submission. All registrants will have their Portfolio audited at random once every three years. Registrants will be notified when they are selected for an audit. The following evidence will be requested:

• Schedule of CPD activities undertaken within the reporting period.
• Supporting evidence such as certificates of attendance of other documentary proof that can verify that CPD has been completed.
• Reflective journal entries for activities completed in Category C.

Documentation should be recorded based on the PACFA pro-forma for CPD that can be found here.

For more information about these CPD guidelines click here.
Date of Issue: 1 July 2014
Last reviewed: 1 July 2014
These guidelines will be reviewed periodically.