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Mindfulness for Professionals: an Introduction


Format: 1.5 hour workshop

Designed for: Professionals, leaders and managers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 1.5 Hours

Pre-Requisite: Complete beginners to experienced practitioners welcome

Dates 2019: TBA

Fee: $30 (includes gst)

 Registration for next date coming soon!

Learn subtle aspects of the different layers of mindfulness that can make all the difference to yourself, and those you work with and teach. 

Liana has an exquisite understanding of all the different types of meditations, including mindfulness, and which are most useful for dealing with anxiety, stress, depressions, burnout, tiredness and pain etc.

Learn about the benefits of teaching mindfulness to others, and how integrating neuroscience with positive psychology, mindfulness can develop stability of mind and develop emotional intelligence.

Who is this for?

Mindfulness for Professionals: an Introduction is for health professionals, leaders and managers who want to be mindful and productive in their personal and professional relationships.  It is suitable for both the complete beginner and practiced mindfulness meditators.

During the workshop you will:

• Learn and experience some of the traditional methods of mindfulness and how they can be applied in contemporary life
• Understand the distinctions between mindfulness and other types of meditation
• Learn several basic informal meditations for being present during the day
• Experience deeper and multiple layered mindfulness for developing insight and clarity
• Experience mindfulness meditation for self-compassion
• Learn the subtle nuances and subtle contraindications of using mindfulness to manage anxiety vs depression vs stress

By the end of the workshop you will:

• Understand how becoming certified in applied mindfulness can help you:

• Manage friction, react less and respond more
• Break unhelpful patterns and develop clarity and focus
• Manage friction, react less and respond more
• Deepen your own mindfulness and teach others how to practice mindfulness
• Create positive relationship dynamics
• Understand, work and lead diverse personalities
• Transform your own life personally and professionally

• Understand the benefits of teaching mindfulness to others, and how integrating neuroscience with positive psychology, mindfulness can develop stability of mind and develop emotional intelligence.

Thank you for another lovely mindfulness evening on Thursday! That was my 3rd time attending one of your introductory sessions, and each time I have walked away with an expanded understanding of what mindfulness is all about. Thank you!

Presented by Liana Taylor, MPsych, Clinical Psychologist, International Mindfulness Teacher , Director

Liana  has been teaching mindfulness for 20 years, and applied mindfulness to health professionals for 13 years.

She has spent a lifetime seeking ways to cultivate compassion, wisdom, and the joy of life – for herself, and for those she works with and teaches.

Liana has over 25 years experience in private practice in Clinical Psychology, relationship counselling and leadership coaching. She also has post-graduate qualifications in Executive Coaching, Narrative Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Wilderness Adventure Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Anthroposophic Health and Healing, and a special interest in functional medicine and neuroscience.

Liana has retreated with, taken teachings from, taught or trained with the world leaders in both the Buddhist, and psychotherapeutic mindfulness traditions including the creators of MBCT, MBSR and ACT.

Liana explored several different meditation traditions, attended dozens of retreats, started three meditation communities, Lectured a post graduate course in Buddhism and psychology and taught part time at a Buddhist Centre before founding the Mindfulness Centre in 2006, and the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness in 2014.  Her dual passions are ‘enhancing health and mental health’, and ‘cultivating wisdom in leaders’ – her keynote at the First International Mindfulness Conference in Rome and many conferences since.

How does it work?

Just as we can read about a song, or a piece of music, but not truly know and understand it until we experience it with our own senses, so too with mindfulness training.   Experiencing mindfulness is the only way to learn mindfulness, and, like most skills, mindfulness improves with practice, which is why many participants return to deepen their knowledge through our 3-day courses.  Mindfulness is all the buzz these days, however there is rich traditional wisdom and applied clinical understanding which cannot be learned without delving deeply into what it means to be mindful.


Evening workshop 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Course Numbers  are strictly limited to support rich interactive learning, with experiential exercises, cognitive maps, short meditations, and new perspectives on how mindfulness can help you to help others

Feel free to bring friends and family, rejuvenate and reconnect with your own practice, or have your first mindfulness experience.

Fee  (incl. GST)

$30 (include gst)

Register for Melbourne: February 20
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What people are saying about Mindfulness for Professionals: an Introduction

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness workshop, I’d love to do further training at some stage! I will be putting into practice what I’ve learned from your workshop – so happy that I came to it.” – participant , Adelaide, 2018

“A beautiful evening of learning and experiencing mindfulness” – participant, Adelaide 2018

“The workshop provided a good opportunity to experience the skills of mindfulness combined with theory, in order to have a much more powerful understanding about how this therapeutic approach can work with clients” – participant, Queensland , 2018

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