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Confident Counselling Course


Format: 5 week course. Five consecutive Tuesday evenings, and one full Saturday

Designed for: Provisional psychologists, new graduates, counsellors, psychology and social work students, professionals keen to develop counselling competence and confidence

Pre-Requisite: N/A

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 20 hours

2016 Dates: ADELAIDE – Five Tuesday evenings 31st May – 28th June, and Saturday 2nd July

We are currently not offering this course, but feel free to express your interest at mind@theaiam.com.au and we can notify you of the next available date.


Develop your counselling competence & confidence

Our quality life depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves, and the quality of our counselling depends on the quality and timeliness of the questions we ask

Counselling another person is a privilege. It is a gift to witness the most painful, exciting, and hopeful parts of another person’s life. We are given the chance to understand and know others in such a way that they do not feel alone, help them see things in fresh ways, and inspire them to take action in their lives.

If you want to master your ability to help transform lives, mastering really sharp counselling skills is foundational to everything you do.

In our experience, many people trained in psychology, social work, medicine and other health disciplines don’t have as much opportunity to learn and integrate these skills as they need. Or perhaps, worse yet, they have a degree, are working in jobs, where they are expected counsel people, or use mindfulness in their work environment, and feel unsure or lack confidence in knowing what to say, where to go in a consult, and how to get the absolute most out of their time with clients.

In this practical course, you will learn an in-depth and highly adaptable counselling strategy, and a progressive layering of new skills – exercise after exercise – you’ll be amazed at how natural a counsellor you become, and surprised at how effortless your ability to listen, understand and help will flow. This is a great course to consolidate and apply the things you have learnt at uni and other places, and feel confident about how and when to use different strategies.

Who is this for?

Early career professionals and anyone wanting to hone or refresh the basics of counselling.

During the course, you will:

• Be taught a foundational perspective and framework for counselling
• Learn to create a context of trust to nurture openness and honesty
• Learn how to listen for subtext and intention
• Master your ability to really listen for meaning and values
• Learn and practice the art of skilful questions
• Learn how to prevent your own fears, and values from intruding unhelpfully into sessions
• Complete over 10 mini counselling sessions
• Learn how to conceptualise complex situations and map the therapeutic process
• Discover how you can be most helpful in your practice

By the end of this course you will:

• Be able to use an overarching model of the counselling process for simple to complex cases
• Know the 10 fundamental steps to all counselling situations
• Know what to say to clients from start to finish
• Feel confident and inspired at the thought of a counselling session
• Be competent in really listening for meaning
• Be able to identify what stops your clients from making change
• Understand what inspires and moves your clients toward change
• Be able to inspire people to take action in their own lives

Presented by Liana Taylor, MPsych, Clinical Psychologist

Liana has been in private practice since 1991 and started teaching counselling 25 years ago. She founded Adage Psychology in 2000, the Mindfulness Centre in 2006, and the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness in 2015, and has taught basic through to advanced therapeutic skills and mindfulness skills to thousands of health professionals across Australia. In this course, Liana brings a wealth of experience and expertise, not only from clinical psychology, traditional mindfulness, MBSR, MBCT, and ACT, but also as a qualified Couple Therapist, Narrative Family Therapist, Wilderness Adventure Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a very experienced and skilled practitioner, and gain insight inot some of the most effective counselling questions from these arenas. Of counselling training Liana believes

“you just start somewhere, if you get the foundation right, then everything you learn after that just expands the rich tapestry of skills and expertise, deepening year by year”

Liana is passionate about helping people who counsel, guide, teach and lead others, and is offering this course to support the development of skills for some and honing of sills for others – with a really solid counselling foundation to help people progress in their career with both confidence and competence.

How does it work?



Five consecutive Tuesday evenings  6-8.30pm
and Saturday 10am -6pm

Course numbers are strictly limited to support rich interactive learning.
Homework: You will be encouraged to practice and integrate what you learn between classes.


Standard $695
Early bird price $595 – register up to one month before course starts
Super early bird price $495 – register up to two months before course starts

Or sign up to our 3 month payment plan: $266.40 per month (Total $799.25).
(incl. GST)

Upcoming Course Dates

We are currently not offering this course, but feel free to express your interest at mind@theaiam.com.au and we can notify you of the next available date.