CPD reporting deadlines are July or November.

All our courses and retreats accrue Continuing Professional Development points/hours. This is also called: Continuing Education (CE), Approved Continuing Education (ACE), Professional Development (PD).  Health practitioners, educators, and managers in a range of sectors find mindfulness training a popular choice for Continuing Professional Development.

CPD hours offered by Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness

• 20 hours each for 3-day Courses
• 39 hours each, including supervision, for Silent Retreat, and Leadership Tango Retreat
• 90 hours, including supervision, for Adventure Retreat (spanning 2020 & 2021 CPD reporting years)

Endorsement is not necessary for claiming CPD hours. Some organisations such as the APS endorse their own events, but this is not a professional requirement.

Generally, one CPD point for each hour of a course, retreat or seminar is standard, as relevant to your professional needs. Please check with your governing body for clarification, or....

Check your Australian Professional CPD Requirements below:

AHRPA Health Professionals

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners
Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Dental Practitioners
Medical Practitioners
Medical Radiation Practitioners
Nurses, Midwives & Mental Health Nurses
Occupational Therapists

Other Professionals and Practitioners

Counsellors & Psychotherapists
Social Workers

International attendees - please check with your board or association re CPD credit.

Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness CPD reflects Australian professional and legal requirements. Do ask your relevant board/association if they will accept these credits. Please note, international licensing boards do not offer partial credit. You cannot arrive late or leave early and be given "partial credit" for the hours that you attended.

6 steps to meet your Board / Association CPD requirements:

1 – Identify your registration status and CPD requirements
2 – Develop your learning plan
3 – Undertake CPD
4 – Maintain your CPD portfolio
5 – Log your CPD activities with Event Title, Outline, Presenter, Date/s
6 - Keep proof of attendance and Evidence or Date of post test submission (as required).