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Urban Retreat

Format: 1 day retreat

Designed for: Those who want to experience traditional mindfulness training

Pre-Requisite: Readiness to be in silence

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 7 Hours

Date: ADELAIDE: Saturday Feb 17, April 21, Aug 11

Fee: Standard $225  /  Early bird price $195 (register up to one month before course starts)  /  Super early bird price $175 (register up to two months before course starts)

Register for Adelaide: Feb 17 10am-4pm

Register for Adelaide: April 21 10am-4pm

Register for Adelaide: Aug 11 10am-4pm

The urban retreat gives you the chance to savour a full day of the deeply replenishing experience of a silent, teacher-led retreat, without having to attend a sleep-away retreat.


At the Urban Retreat, we gather for a 9am start, and spend the day moving between sitting, lying, standing and moving meditations. There will be additional reflective exercises at the beginning and end of the day for you to focus on what matters to you most at this time, and refreshments and food are provided.

For many an urban retreat is an opportunity to be immersed in meditation practices, to sit in silence and reconnect with your own inner journey.
For some who are fairly new to mindfulness and meditation, this is a unique opportunity to experience being taught mindfulness practices in traditional silent retreat conditions without sleeping away from home.

During the retreat you will:

• Feel the deep restfulness of a day in silence
• Re-engage with and experience the benefits of ancient meditation practices
• Have the opportunity to gain insights only available in meditation
• Soften to and gain clarity of inner struggles
• Feel a greater sense of loving kindness to yourself and others
• Develop your ability to teach mindfulness

Presented by Liana Taylor, MPsych, Clinical Psychologist

Liana is a clinical psychologist, relationship therapist, leadership coach, and an international mindfulness teacher. She offers some of the most forward thinking and in depth mindfulness training in the world. She has been in private practice since 1991, and has taught basic through to advanced therapeutic, relationship and mindfulness skills to thousands of professionals across Australia. Liana brings a wealth of experience and expertise, not only from clinical psychology, traditional, and applied mindfulness, MBSR, MBCT, and ACT, but also as a qualified Couple Therapist, Narrative Family Therapist, Wilderness Adventure Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach. In her trainings you have access to some of the most powerfully synthesised concepts and practices across neuroscience, the wisdom traditions, clinical practice and mindfulness.

How does it work?


Daytime Retreat 9am-5pm
• Morning and afternoon refreshments provided
• Lunch break is one hour (on Full Retreat, dinner is also one hour)

Course numbers are strictly limited to support rich interactive learning, with experiential exercises, cognitive maps, short meditations, and new perspectives on relationship dynamics.

In a small group, you will participate in a number of mindfulness meditation practices, exercises, discussions and CBT exercises, as well as being lead through these meditations/ exercises in exactly the same way that you would teach others.


Urban Retreat Daytime 9-5pm
Standard $225
Early bird price $195 – register up to one month before course starts
Super early bird price $175 – register up to two months before course starts

Register for Adelaide: Sept 23 9am -5pm

What people are saying about Urban Retreat

“I went along to the Urban Retreat to gain a feel of what a silent retreat would feel like. It was a wonderful non-threatening way to test the waters and to experience silence without having to sign up for 5 days. I found it restorative, comforting and enjoyable. I learnt things about myself, feeling at times that I was coming back into myself through the silence, not having to worry about the distractions of everyday life. It was a wonderful experience.

Since finishing the retreat I have found that the effect of having spent time in silence still sits with me. I find myself retreating to silence at times just to balance myself. I have several friends who have never done any mindfulness courses but who would benefit form this and who are keen to engage in something that is so restful allowing them to understand them self and their reactions better” – Annette Eske, 2016

“The difference the Urban Retreat has made in my life is that I am now more aware of stillness and I want to experience stillness more often”- Anne, past participant, 2016.

“Even though I do meditate regularly I was still apprehensive about being silent for 8 hours in a room with total strangers. I imagined sitting in one spot with my back to everyone else uncomfortably waiting and wishing for the day to be over. What I instead found was a small group of lovely people, mostly just needing some time out from their hectic, stressful and tiring lives… like me! At first we did a few short mediations, sitting, standing and walking with comfort a priority, gradually increasing in time. We had morning and afternoon tea, plus lunch and time to reflect.

Yes, I felt way more relaxed by the end of the day…. I even fell asleep at one point, which is very rare for me! The thing I found most useful was stepping back, noticing my thought patterns and adopting a non-judgemental calm acceptance of myself.

When I got home I booked straight in for another retreat…. can’t wait!” – Charmane Lee, 2016